BlackDoor custom iOS firmware brings feel and look of newer iOS to older devices.

Features that brings BlackDoor custom iOS firmware to your device.

For creating BlackDoor custom iOS firmware we always used last version PwnageTool.

List of features and functions that contains BlackDoor custom iOS firmware.

Firmware contains new look, for example new UI look, Wallpapers, Popup color,
look in default applications as Camera Maps Music Phone etc., and many more changes in look.

Further also contains native Emoji icons, Battery percentage, USB and Bluetooth tethering,
and many pre-installed applications as Cydia, MobileTerminal, Cycorder, SIManager,
Safari Downloader, YourTube, Installous, iBlueNova, and many more.


High speed and new breath
for your device.


New look inspired newer iOS.


Pre-installed application Cydia
that enables find and install
packages on jailbroken iOS.


Multitasking feature
with many options.


Folders feature
with many options.


Wallpapers with options set
image on lock screen,
home screen or on both.

Multitasking Settings.

Multitasking settings gives you
option to set up by your liking.

Folders Settings.

Folders settings gives you
option to set up by your liking.

Popup Color.

New popup color
inspired newer iOS.

MMS Messaging.

Enabled native MMS messaging.

Message Counter.

Message counter shows number
of sent SMS & MMS messages.

Character Counter.

Character counter when
writing messages.

Emoji Icons.

Enabled native emoji icons.

New Wallpapers

New wallpaper as in newer iOS.


Settings is sorted as in newer iOS.

Battery Percentage.

Enabled native battery

Brightness & Dimmer Settings.

Brightness & Dimmer settings
with options that have newer iOS.

Volume Settings.

Volume settings with options
that have newer iOS.


Pre-installed application
Activator, centralized gestures
button & shortcut management.

Safari Downloader.

Pre-installed application
Safari Downloader for
downloading files from internet.

YouTube Downloader.

Pre-installed application
YourTube for downloading
files from YouTube.


Pre-installed application
DataDeposit for creating
backups your device.

Wifi Sync.

Pre-installed application
Wifi Sync for syncing via Wifi,
client avail for Win, OSX & Linux.

USB & Bluetooth Tethering.

Enabled native USB
and Bluetooth tethering.

Camera Roll.

Enabled native camera roll
with options show only
pictures, videos or both.


New look inspired newer iOS
with switch button directly
on application Cycorder.


Pre-installed application
Cycorder without ads,
best for recording videos
on older devices.


Pre-installed application
MobileTerminal, terminal
emulator for device with iOS.


Pre-installed application
Installous, ipa downloader
and installer directly in device.


Pre-installed application
SIManager to manage contacts
on your SIM card.


Pre-installed application
SBSettings, toggles directly
into springboard.


Pre-installed application
iBlueNova for sending and
receiving files via Bluetooth.


Pre-installed application
iFile, best file manager
for device with iOS.

In the list above, we mentioned only about the main features. Firmware contains a lot more.

Do not hesitate, download and install you BlackDoor custom iOS firmware on your idevice.

BlackDoor custom iOS firmware brings speed and many new features into your idevice.

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