Contacting BlackDoor Project

We welcome you to page Contact Us.

You can contact us using many email accounts.

If you want to contact us, choose an email account,
according on what you want to tell us.

Our email accounts are not for help with custom iOS firmware.

If you need help with BlackDoor custom iOS firmware,
go to the support page and select a community forum.
Into community forum write post, with your problem.
We write off as soon as possible and will try help you.

Find and Follow Us on social networks.

BlackDoor Project is on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact emails:


General email account.


Email account for contacting our administrators.


Email account for receiving feedback.

For feedback you can use this link for send feedback
directly from our website via feedback form.


Email account for obtain info, how to support project.

If you want give donation, use this link on our PayPal Donate,
to give donation via PayPal.